Tuesday, May 27, 2014

kitchen and bath makeovers

In early September of last year (in the middle of showcase-madness), the wonderful Donna Talley took over our house for two fabulous photo shoots.  Unfortunately I got very few behind-the-scene photos- believe it or not, I was too busy chasing a baby and two dogs out of every shot, but below are two pictures I posted on Facebook during the chaos..

No joke, we have a very small house, with very small rooms, which makes getting the perfect angle a little challenging to say the least.

But with Donna's expertise and the very patient photographer, John Bessler, it got done- and it looked amazing!  Now, finally, months later, the first of two is out and we are so thrilled with the finished product!

Make sure to pick up your own copy of the summer issue of Better Homes & Garden's Kitchen and Bath Makeover.  We're on page 48- there's a little history about the house, why we fell in love with it and what we did to the kitchen to make the very small space work for us.  I hope you all enjoy it- and I promise to let you all know once the next magazine hits newstands.  That one will feature our entire house!

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Anonymous said...

You have the best house on Bensonhurt ! Hands down:)