Monday, July 11, 2011

the ruthie sommers collection

Ruthie Sommers' Los Angeles home is a favorite of mine- and it's not just because she, too, gives her daschund free range on the furniture.. look familiar?

Except that Sommers' home is very much finished (and styled) and Henry's favorite spot is unfortunately in the very unfinished corner of my living room.  Oh well.

Featured in Lonny's July/August issue, perhaps Ruthie Sommers' love for her daschund (and her display of it) makes me admire her style even more. Though I have to say, it's her overall sense of layered collection, and the uniqueness of it all that I truly admire.
Starting with a historical home, she filled it with classical elements- almost encouraging it's age and history- in a not-run-down kind of way. And the end result is a wonderful mix of layered pieces, that only make me feel like all of my "collecting" through the years was with absolute purpose and is definitely the way to go.

Sommers' use of DeGournay is elegant and hardly stuffy.  I only wish I had my own DeGournay filled walls..
Adding the abstract art on top is so something I would do.

The living room is the perfect combination of collection and comfort..
Her surface area is overflowing with interesting finds, great coffee table books and wonderful art..
With a similar aesthetic in my house, some may argue I'm just trying to find places to put things, but I just don't see it that way!

Her "Red Room" is rich with pattern and color..
I love the collection of pillows, as if each one was found and placed there for a specific reason.  No need to plan every piece.  It's so much more fun (and meaningful) to find over time.  Something I not only preach, but I also practice!

Sommers' outdoor paradise..
What I would give to have a studio of my own.. that looked like this..
Take note of the subject in her "work in progress" painting above.  Perhaps I can get Henry and Lulu to pose.

And she has two pool pavillions on her property.  The one below is full of whimsy..
Who wouldn't want to spend a warm California afternoon surrounded by nautically inspired accents, bold colors and lots of greenery?

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